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There's so much going on at Gateway North East, and we would love you to get involved.

Have a look at the range of activities that we have below, and click the links to email us and register your interest. Feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments!

Family Support: 

We are very fortunate to have Andy on board as a member of the Gateway team - Andy is our Family Support Coordinator, and is available to speak to and support parents and carers wherever that's needed. He also oversees lots of opportunities for parents, carers and families to get together and find support, including our Gateway Diamonds Parents support group, Family Get-Togethers, the Beyond the Walls groups for adults and young people, Gateway Stars for young carers, and loads more. You can find out more about our Family Support work and get in touch with Andy by clicking here.

It's Cool to be Kind:

During the summer holidays, we supply each member of Gateway with activities that they can do as a family - each family gets their own tailored bag, specifically for them. Included in this pack is Cool to be Kind, encouraging young people to be kind to people, with a reward at the end of the holidays for those who have taken part. Our young people have experienced a lot of unkindness - but we have a conviction that change needs to start with us and our families. Being kind to others and building one another up, supporting each other even if we don't always get on with them, is something that we encourage throughout the whole organisation. 

Our Cool to be Kind value has now grown to other activities, throughout the whole year: this includes Christmas present deliveries to hospitals with our groups, a toy bank for Christmas and birthday presents, food parcels,comminity volunteering and fundraising. We also work to provide a Christmas dinner for those families who might not be able to afford it at home - this has been a huge help for families over the year. 

You can find out more about all of our Cool to be Kind work by clicking here. 

Arts Programmes: 

It's so important that music, drama and art is a part of the work that we do - we know that these help the young people to learn communication skills, have access to speech therapy - and the benefit to mental and emotional health is massive, as well as listening skills, fine and gross motor skills and confidence building

We have various skills and qualifications across the Gateway team, and we've got some fantastic groups and opportunities for young people with disabilities or barriers to learning to get involved with. Find out more by clicking here.

Sports Programmes: 

Gateway North East originally began as a swimming group for young people, and we are passionate about providing all sorts of opportunities for children and young people with learning disabilities and barriers to learning to access sports. Currently, we work to help groups take part in football, Smash Up Badminton, boccia, swimming and loads more. Click here to find out more!


Gardening and Food Programmes: 

These projects tend to be time-limited, stand alone projects, rather than a weekly, long-term project. Check out the information around various projects that we run - and we can get you involved next time! Click here to find out more. 

Themed Holiday Clubs and Special Events: 

We run themed Holiday Clubs throughout the year, in five different areas of the North East: Sunderland, East Durham, Durham Dales, North Tyneside and Newcastle - these clubs are run throughout every school holiday, excluding Bank Holidays. Holiday clubs can be accessed by anyone from Reception year-14 years old, and will often include a lunch in the middle of the day. Click here to find out more about Holiday Clubs, as well as our annual special events!


We provide several opportunities for young people aged 8 and over to stay in a fully accessible centre, with fully accessible activities - carers are welcome too. We do this in partnership with Calvert Trust Kielder: respected globally as a provider of outdoor experiences for disabled people. "Our disabled guests, their friends and families experience the same emotions and experiences as any other guest inside our safe, inclusive, uniquely challenging facility". Click here for all the information!

Group Progression at Gateway: 

Click here to learn all about the groups and learning opportunities at Gateway. We'd love you to be involved - email us to find out more. 

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