If your company is considering doing business in the North East but needs to know more, we can provide a personal consultation via video conference, Skype or teleconference to deliver highly focussed advice that will enable you to make further decisions or take action.    

We would require you to complete a detailed questionnaire based upon your objectives to allow us to research and formulate the require information and advice.

We would then deliver an interactive consultation session with your business that would include personalised advice, signposting or contacts on areas that could include local intelligence, grants, networks, introductions or general advice.

We can deliver this as a one-off service or provide “virtual” support to your business on an ongoing basis through further consultation sessions.


If you have a specific brief to acquire intelligence relating to local contacts or information, then we can compile research, ranging from a short-list of contacts to a detailed market report.

This could include identifying and compiling lists of market contacts at a business to business level, such as suppliers, partners, licensees, distributors or alliance partners. We would then hand over a live business development list to you for follow up.

The Gateway team have access to both information sources as well as extensive personal networks with the various specialist industry clusters and networks that can be drawn upon.


Because of the network reach of the Gateway project, our team can go one stage further than short-listing potential contacts for you and actually make facilitated introductions to potential contacts and work with you to physically enact commercial relationships with North East businesses.  

Based upon receipt of a brief from you, we would work on your behalf to firstly identify relevant contacts (partners, suppliers or customers) and then approach them on your behalf with the aim of securing your desired outcome – whether that is an initial meeting, sales pitch, teleconference or commercial arrangement.


Business travel can be costly, particularly for SME’s so the time should be spent on high-value activities that create significant opportunities for your business. 

Going one stage further than facilitated introductions, we can create and deliver a completely personalised itinerary for your business, putting together an intensive 1-5 days of business development meetings, introductions and exploratory conversations that are based on achieving your desired objectives. 

If required, we can personally facilitate the process with you and ensure your time is spent meeting valuable contacts that are relevant to the growth of your business


If you’re considering establishing a base of operations in the North East, the Gateway team can be your eyes and ears on the ground.    

Delivering a “full service” programme of support, the team can advise on all of the necessary legal, financial, commercial, marketing and operational considerations relating to the establishment of a North East based business.

We can advise you on operational/factory set-up, raising finance/investment, supply chain development, recruiting people and grant funding support.


Gateway offers a range of highly personalised and tailored “Concierge” services for overseas companies seeking to do business in the North East of England or establish international market connections.

Whilst the Gateway site provides a comprehensive overview of local business networks and contacts, we also appreciate that many organisations have bespoke needs in terms of the type of contacts they wish to make.

What It Covers

We can provide support to overseas companies to develop business specifically within the North East as part of their commercial strategy in areas such as:

• Finding market partners, such as licensees, agents, re-sellers, franchisees or distributors
• Finding project collaboration or JV partners for R&D or project development
• Finding local customers or buyers of your product/service to create new revenue streams
• Finding premises, facilities or units to establish a base of operation
• Finding local staff or representatives for key roles to represent your business
• Finding key suppliers to complete your supply chain
• Introducing you to local networks specific to your type of business
• Assisting you to create an operational base within the North East

How it Works

Our team is made up of professional advisors and entrepreneurs from various firms in the legal, marketing/branding, commercial, financial, technology transfer and business consulting fields.

We offer a range of services that integrate these various disciplines and can respond with a tailored solution to create actual market connections for your business. Click on the links below to find out more.

If you have a question for us or would like further information please use the search box below and we will get back to you.