Gateway North East was founded by Stephen Blanks, Managing Director of Fat Frog
a well established design consultancy based in the North East with a diverse National 
and International client base. 

Stephen started to develop the Gateway idea after a chance meeting in May 2009,
with a group of Swedish businesses visiting Newcastle as part of a Digital conference.
Although everyone in the group had really enjoyed their visit, the feeling was felt that
they had not made many relevant business connections. There was also a general view
that the North East appeared very fragmented from an International perspective.
After some initial research confirmed this view, Stephen got together with a number
of business people with strong local connections, to map out key sectors and networks
in the North East.

It was hoped that by doing this it would be easier for International businesses to understand
the region and find something that was relevant to them. What started out as a mapping
exercise, quickly turned into a conceptual tool that had the potential to help make
high quality connections between the North East and International businesses.

9 months of research, 12 trips to Sweden, 70 meetings and 600 hours of programming
later...GatewayNorthEast is up and running!

Gateway North East aims to provide the perfect online environment for high quality
commercial opportunities and collaborations to flourish between international
businesses and our region.

The site is run and monitored by some of the North Easts most connected and
established business people, whose backgrounds provide a wealth of regional knowledge
across a number of specialist market sectors. Their aim is simple, to help you connect,
meet and do business with relevant partners, suppliers and customers that add high
value to your business.  

Gateway is not a directory. It has no public money involvement. It is a constantly
evolving tool developed by business people for businesses who want to explore International

We want this to be the best environment to make this happen. Help us to help you, register
your details here.

  • Business Networks
  • Business Services
  • Creative / Design
  • Digital / Software
  • Healthcare / Science
  • Manufacturing
  • Offshore / Sub Sea
  • Process
  • Renewables / Green
  • Universities

If you have a question for us or would like further information please use the search box below and we will get back to you.